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Haunton enters the Best Kept Village Competition – BKV 2017



Haunton first entered the BKV competition in 1997 and we have consistently done well.  You can see our plaques on the pole on the green, with 2016 still to be added. It would be lovely to get as many people as possible involved in this community event again…

To make this year a success, the judges are looking for a display of BKV posters, so pop yours in your window when it arrives through your door. We have volunteers to keep the bus shelters and telephone box tidy and to look after the planters and benches around the village. We are judged on the tidiness of our gardens and frontages too, so that’s down to you, and the church surrounds and car park are also judged. Any help there with weeding and tidying would be much appreciated.

Judges visit in May and June and the shortlisted villages are then visited again in July.

While we all do our bit to keep our own patches looking good, a little extra effort will ensure the rest of the village is tidy and free of dog fouling and litter. Any children’s posters created to cover these themes and decorate our bus shelters, would be super. These will be entered into the BKV poster competition. Please deliver colour photocopies of any children’s posters, with age and name, to St Mary’s Cottage.

For further information, please contact Ena Grieveson tel. 373514 or Jo Clarke tel. 373737.

Best wishes,

Ena & Jo

In addition we are now raising funds for smart new village signs. If we all chip in, we can make them happen!

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