What is Alpha?

Alpha is an eleven-week series of interactive sessions that explore the big questions of life through the lens of the  Christian faith, in a relaxed and low-pressured environment, where no questions are out of bounds. Alpha has been run all over the world in churches, pubs, prisons and homes where millions of people have loved taking part. Here at Haunton, we cover the costs, so all the 11 sessions have no costs for you to attend.

In the middle or the eleven weeks there is an optional away day which is a fantastic day for us to go deeper with exploring questions and building friendships as a group.

Who is Alpha for?

Anyone, of any age, who is curious to find out more about faith is welcome to join us. It’s designed for those who are exploring and questioning: it’s for the cynics, the sceptics and the openminded.

What happens at Alpha?

At each session, you are within a group which you will get to know and build friendships with throughout the weeks. There is food and conversation to start with, followed by a short talk, a 25 minute video on various different topics, followed by an opportunity for open, honest debate in your small groups.

When is Alpha?

The Alpha course will start from

This course has been postponed

Please come and join us.

If you are interested or would like more information, simply contact us and someone will be in touch. Telephone Lisa 07976 553 603 or e-mail