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Church Services update for Christmas

For those of you wishing to access information about the forthcoming Church Services, please see the Church page on the website for:


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Cleat Hill Community Liaison Group

Your community representatives are: Tony Bryan (Parish Council), Simon Parsons (Haunton), Sue & Nigel Wadham (Chickscape).

At the recent meeting with Applied (the company running the chicken sheds) all of the concerns reported to date and the actions taken were reviewed including:

·         Nuisance from light shining (August 2015) – Source found to be one specific security light on Shed 6 which has now been changed.

·         Alarm sounding during the night (Oct 2015) – related to biomass heating system and the audible alarm sounding. The alarm system has now been changed and there has been no further issue with noise during the night.

·         Noise from feed delivery (using green trailer). Applied have purchased a new trailer replacing the noisier green one.

·         Odour issues – some of which were related to odour unconnected with the site activity (muckspreading in nearby fields). Applied are currently trialling a different type of bedding material that claims to reduce odour and are also looking at the use of ionisation bulbs which lay the dust. These have been introduced in Holland.

In addition there was discussion regarding a number of general issues unconnected with the site, for example mud on the road, traffic and noise from AD plant traffic.

The next meeting will be held in March 2016.

The telephone number for reporting concerns to Applied is 01246 569066

 A Facebook page is now up and running – individuals can search for the page on facebook and request to join or visit the group at

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The Ultimate Adventure Club for children


Coming to Clifton Campville on Thursday 10th September from 5pm to 6.30pm. The ultimate Adventure club for children aged between 5-14 years old! Inspired by survival specialists such as Bear Grylls, children will learn through our structured program skills such as shelter building, fire lighting, foraging, purification, bow making, bushcraft, tracking, orienteering, wilderness first aid, and many more adventurous skills such as raft building, kayaking, climbing, abseiling, caving and many many more…  PLACES ARE LIMITED – BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL…. email: or call 07772 704735 for a registration form.

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River Mease River Wardens…

Trent Rivers Trust (TRT) are looking for volunteers to become River Wardens along the River Mease SSSI. The invasive species Himalayan Balsam has been widespread among the banks of the river in recent years. It out competes the native flora of the bank side resulting in poor species diversity and increased erosion risk. It can spread very quickly, particularly along rivers and watercourses. TRT have removed large areas of Himalayan Balsam in recent years but now need help to locate any future plants and remove them.
River Wardens will be introduced to landowners and allocated their own stretch of river to observe and monitor any changes, note wildlife and remove Himalayan Balsam. Training and support will be provided by TRT.
Important note: You must always have permission from the landowner before walking along a river bank and only remove plants if it is safe to do so.

If you are interested please contact Alan Graham on 07923 878880 or