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Fundraising for Signs!

Haunton is a beautiful quiet village that competes annually in the Best Kept Village awards. This year we’d like to raise funds to increase our chances and purchase new Village Signs…

The company who produced signage recently for a neighbouring village, say the total cost including; two signs, two sets of posts, and two planters would come to £2667.08 + delivery and VAT. This does not include fitting which is an additional £850 per day. We could potentially save on fitting and carriage, by arranging this ourselves, the only other additional cost is that the crowdfunding site charges 5%. This has been accounted for in the funding target.

Please donate what you can. Villagers are invited to join us over on Haunton Village Facebook group to get involved in fundraising conversations and activities.

You can donate here:

Fingers crossed we can make this happen 😊