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From our local PC…

Please see message from costas our local police officer, shared by Ian on our Facebook group page…

Hello Ian, above is a link for Staffordshire smart alert, it is the new re-branded neighbourhood watch or OWL. People can register themselves and receive alerts (what’s happening in the area) and the odd message from myself etc.
Years ago, before everybody had an e-mail address, Neighbourhood Watch scheme’s and/or Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators would receive messages from the police and they would spread the word amongst fellow residents. Now most people have an e-mail address so they get the messages directly, which pretty much eliminates the need for a ‘Watch’.
However, as there is a Haunton facebook page, whoever has received a message via Staffordshire Smart Alert is more than welcome to post it onto the Facebook page.
Perhaps a message on the Haunton Facebook page asking residents them to register on the above link? I would be very grateful as the more people to receive the messages the better, in fact I was hoping to increase the number of people receiving our Alerts in the area, and was going to try and promote it.
As regards to the Burglary in Haunton, has this been reported to the police? As I have just searched our database and cannot find a burglary in Haunton?

PCSO 17017 Costas Karpi