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Clifton Campville with Thorpe Constantine Parish Council Newsletter – ISSUE 31

Parish Councillors and contact details 2016

Pam Bostock           373272                  Robert Leedham      830240

Tony Bryan             373416                  Robert Pugh            63968

Douglas Clarke        373737                  Nick Ingram  07841 426354

Debbie Fulbrook      07463 702847        Tim Starkey  07740 840635

Penny Bennett         839047


The Parish Council meeting dates are 10th May (AGM 7.30pm), 12th July, 13th September & 8th November 2016 starting at 8pm at Clifton Campville Village Hall.  Full details are always on the parish notice boards in the week before the meetings.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend and a part of each meeting is set aside for you to have your say and ask questions.  We welcome your feedback and comments about this newsletter or any other matter you wish to raise. Anyone that has any parish information / news to go in the newsletter can contact parish clerk.

Please address them to: Clerk to Parish Council, Helen Elliott, 85 Main Street, Clifton Campville, Tamworth, Staffs, B79 0AX Tel: 373697


Parish Plan

The updated Parish Plan can now be viewed on the Parish web site.

Please have a look at

Contact the Highways Team – The easiest way to report an issue on the roads is to use the online reporting system…

By telephone, email or fax

Phone: 0300 111 8000

Opening Times:  Monday – Thursday 8am – 8pm, Friday 8am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm Calls will be charged at a local rate.


Clifton Campville with Thorpe Constantine Parish Council Newsletter 

APRIL 2016  ISSUE 31

Welcome to the thirty first edition of the Clifton Campville with Thorpe Constantine Parish Council Newsletter.

The Parish Council would like to send this newsletter electronically in the future please email with your contact details also stating your postal address (Your email address will not be passed on, you will only receive Parish Council information to your address). If you would still like a paper copy delivered please fill in the attached slip and return to Helen Elliott, 85 Main Street, Clifton Campville.

The newsletter is also now available on the village websites and


Hogs Hill Wind Farm

This recently went before the planning inspectorate and was dismissed on 14th March 2016. This means that the wind farm will not go ahead.

Coneyberry Millennium Green

The Annual General Meeting of Coneyberry Millennium Green Trust will be held in Clifton Campville Village Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 18th May.

This is an opportunity for you to learn what the Trust has been doing over the past year, and to ask questions or make suggestions. The Trust maintains the Green for the benefit of parishioners of all ages, so is anxious to hear your views.

The Green certainly is the jewel of the Parish, so wander up to look at the trees and wildlife and enjoy the views. Bring your picnics, your kites – and why not pitch a tent for a few nights under the stars?

The Green belongs to the community, so make good use of it!

Cleat Hill Farm Community Liaison Group

The community representatives are: Tony Bryan (Parish Council), Simon

Parsons (Haunton), Sue & Nigel Wadham (Chickscape).

A Facebook page has been set up by the group.

Further details are available on the Clifton Campville and Haunton village websites.

The telephone number for reporting concerns to Applied is 01246 569066


Building for a Better Future

Claire Thomas, Regeneration Manager at Bromford, tells us about their regeneration proposals on Lullington Road and Main Street in Clifton Campville:

Bromford’s social purpose is to inspire people to be their best and we believe that providing our customers with a good quality home offers them a springboard to try and achieve their goals and aspirations.

There are a number of Bromford homes in your village that are of non-traditional construction – they are made of concrete rather than a conventional brick or timber frame structure. This type of property – an “Airey” house – is extremely costly to heat and has a poor energy efficiency rating, which is the main reason we are looking to regenerate these homes.

We have looked at the costs of renovating these homes to make them more energy efficient but the type of house and its construction make them difficult to improve.  As we have a number of homes like this on Lullington Road and Main Street we have decided to use this opportunity to demolish these homes and replace them with brand new, energy efficient homes.

After initially contacting all our customers by letter, we organised a drop in session at Clifton Campville Village Hall to share our proposal, answer any questions and concerns and display some of the designs of new homes we have built in other areas.

We are currently meeting with our customers to discuss and understand their individual circumstances so we can support them through this process.  We will be keeping our customers updated with information about our proposals because they will have an option to return to the new homes but as we develop the new scheme designs, we also want to ensure the wider community can contribute and comment on our proposals.

We understand that many readers may not live in the homes which are directly affected, but know that you may like the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with us around the new homes that will be built – after all, you or members of your family may be interested in living in one of these new homes as this regeneration will bring more affordable housing to your village.   We will be holding another drop in event later on in the year once we have initial layout proposals for the development.

If you are interested in living in one of our new homes or know someone who would like to move back to Clifton Campville in the future, please drop an email to and we will make sure you receive regular updates and are invited to future consultation events.

If you have any other queries please contact Claire Thomas, Regeneration Manager at Bromford on 01989730493 or email her at .

Mobile Library (Tuesdays)

Dates of Visits 2016 – 2017

Green Man Clifton Campville 11.30 – 12.30

3rd May, 24th May, 14th June, 5th July, 26th July, 16th August, 6th September,

27th September, 18th October, 8th November, 29th November, 20th December, 10th January, 31 January, 21st February, 14th March & 4th April



Don’t forget to email or return your contact details stating how you would like to receive this newsletter in the future.