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Best kept village 2016

Dear Haunton residents,

Our intention to enter this year’s ‘Best Kept Village’ (BKV) competition must be submitted by Monday 22 February 2016, followed by our formal entry, by Monday 28 March 2016.
Last year’s event provided an opportunity for our community to come together and showcase our village, by placing BKV signage and posters throughout the village, as well as decorative planting at both ends of our village. The event was further supported by well-presented gardens, paths, phone box and bus shelters. The judges were impressed with our efforts and we were awarded as ‘highly commended’ and received a plaque, which will be added to the village green BKV post.
If no objections are raised (by Haunton residents) to us entering this year’s competition, I shall notify the parish council by Monday 15 February, allowing suitable time to address any concerns raised and to process our submission.
I shall then ensure that the necessary paperwork is submitted to the Parish Council, formally entering Haunton, and request the Parish Council cover the cost of the entry fee, ahead of the 28 March entry cut-off date.
Should anyone be interested in coordinating this year’s event, please let me know so I can arrange for any correspondence and share the competition guidelines.

Kind regards,
Douglas Clarke
Parish Councillor