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The church bulletin

The church bulletin for 30~31st Jan is now live on the website.

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Applied Poultry Group Notice

Applied Poultry have created a Facebook group to keep residents up to date with any key events and dates at Cleat Hill Poultry Farm:
New members can be added once a request has been sent.

Any concerns can be reported via telephone, during normal office hours only; relevant contact numbers are listed below:

imageAlternatively, you can email

Any complaints such as odour complaints are best recorded directly via the environment agency hotline number. Any complaints Applied receive directly are reported to them, and likewise the agency forward any complaints they receive directly, to Applied.

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Best kept village 2016

Dear Haunton residents,

Our intention to enter this year’s ‘Best Kept Village’ (BKV) competition must be submitted by Monday 22 February 2016, followed by our formal entry, by Monday 28 March 2016.
Last year’s event provided an opportunity for our community to come together and showcase our village, by placing BKV signage and posters throughout the village, as well as decorative planting at both ends of our village. The event was further supported by well-presented gardens, paths, phone box and bus shelters. The judges were impressed with our efforts and we were awarded as ‘highly commended’ and received a plaque, which will be added to the village green BKV post.
If no objections are raised (by Haunton residents) to us entering this year’s competition, I shall notify the parish council by Monday 15 February, allowing suitable time to address any concerns raised and to process our submission.
I shall then ensure that the necessary paperwork is submitted to the Parish Council, formally entering Haunton, and request the Parish Council cover the cost of the entry fee, ahead of the 28 March entry cut-off date.
Should anyone be interested in coordinating this year’s event, please let me know so I can arrange for any correspondence and share the competition guidelines.

Kind regards,
Douglas Clarke
Parish Councillor


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Keeping you safe… Bogus Official Warning


Dear Watch Member,
The warning comes after a man from a roofing company visited an elderly gentleman claiming his roof tiles needed replacing. The man has been paid to carry out the work but returned a few days later claiming more work needed to be done and the man has again been paid.
Residents are asked to remain vigilant at all times and to follow the below advice:
*Never trust anyone calling at the door without a prior appointment. Should you receive such a call leave the door locked. The caller will hear you through the door when you ask them who they are. If they state they are from a utilities company ask for your account number, they should have this, if not, do not let them in and tell them to leave, and that you are calling the Police.
*Always ask for ID, and check it.
*Do not allow anyone to carry work out on your home, or sell you anything when they cold call at the door. If you do require work to be done, INSTIGATE IT YOURSELF, by phoning three companies asking for like for like quotes. Then decide.
*Do not keep large amounts of cash in your home, you may think that you have the perfect hiding place, but these criminals will find it.
*Please remember there is no such company as the Water Board, Gas Board or Electric Board. These words are only used by offenders.
*Always report any suspicious behaviour to the police, if you think it is suspicious, it probably is.
*Keep your doors locked even when you are home.
Residents should also follow the stop, chain and check rule when people call at the door:
*STOP – If you are not expecting anybody and they don’t have an appointment – don’t let them in
*CHAIN – Use your door chain or bar before opening the door
*CHECK – Ask to see ID and double check this.
People can also use the Nominate a Neighbour (NAN) scheme which diverts cold callers to a nei
If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address:
Ronnie Turner
Community Engagement Officer
Neighbourhood Watch

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Clifton Campville with Thorpe Constantine Parish Council Newsletter

Parish Councillors and contact details 2015/16
Pam Bostock​373272​Robert Leedham​830240
Tony Bryan​373416​Robert Pugh​63968
Douglas Clarke ​373737​Gareth Jones​​373847
Debbie Fulbrook​07463 702847​Tim Starkey​07740 840635
Pennie Bennett​839047

The Parish Council meeting dates are 12th January, 8th March, 10th May (AGM), 12th July, 13th September & 8th November 2016 at Clifton Campville Village Hall. Full details are always on the parish notice boards in the week before the meetings. Members of the public are very welcome to attend and a part of each meeting is set aside for you to have your say and ask questions. We welcome your feedback and comments about this newsletter or any other matter you wish to raise. Anyone that has any parish information/news to go in the newsletter can contact parish clerk.
Please address them to: Clerk to Parish Council, Helen Elliott, 85 Main Street, Clifton Campville, Tamworth, Staffs, B79 0AX Tel: 373697

Parish Plan
The updated Parish Plan can now be viewed on the Parish web site.
Please have a look at
Contact the Highways Team – The easiest way to report an issue on the roads is to use the online reporting system…
By telephone, email or fax
Phone: 0300 111 8000
Opening Times: Monday – Thursday 8am – 8pm, Friday 8am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm Calls will be charged at a local rate.

Clifton Campville with Thorpe Constantine Parish Council Newsletter


Welcome to the thirtieth edition of the Clifton Campville with Thorpe Constantine Parish Council Newsletter. We try to keep you informed of all local events and Parish Council work, we are here to help in anyway we can and try to work for the welfare of the whole community. The newsletter is also now available on the village website

Saint Andrew’s Church and Millennium Green Trustees present
Christmas Cracker
Saint Andrew’s Church, Clifton Campville
Saturday 19 December 7.00pm – 9pm
Celebrate Christmas with a family event -carols, readings, mulled wine and seasonal refreshments. Villagers of all ages are taking part.
All proceeds from this event will be shared between the Millennium Green and St. Andrew’s Church, and help support their work in our community

Cleat Hill Farm Community Liaison Group
The community representatives are: Tony Bryan (Parish Council), Simon
Parsons (Haunton), Sue & Nigel Wadham (Chickscape).
At the recent meeting with Applied (the company running the chicken sheds) all of the concerns reported to date and the actions taken were reviewed. In addition there was discussion regarding a number of general issues unconnected with the site, for example mud on the road, traffic and noise from AD plant traffic.
A Facebook page is in the process of being set up by the group.
Further details are available on the Clifton Campville and Haunton village
The telephone number for reporting concerns to Applied is 01246 569066

Coneyberry Millennium Green have asked us to include the article below
When the idea of a Millennium Green was first mooted in the 1990’s we had no idea how popular it would become. A survey some time ago indicated that, on a normal day, over 100 people visited the site; this number has greatly increased since the new playground was installed.
Villagers use it for walking, admiring the views, relaxing on the benches, walking dogs, playing games and, of course, children use the playground, build dens and generally enjoy themselves in the fresh air. The Trustees encourage everyone in the community – individuals or groups – to use the Green as much as they wish. It is there for your benefit.
The Green has matured well and become a great Parish asset, one that we can all be proud of.

Community Defibrillator Training
Keith Dawson, Community Defibrillator Facilitator for West Midlands Ambulance Service had intended to provide another training session. We need more people before another session is planned. Please contact Helen Elliott if you are interested in taking part.

Public Rights of Way
“Mr J Ward, Mrs D Ireland, Mrs J Derrick and Mrs D Brady would like to make residents of Clifton Campville aware that the five-and-a-half acre field adjoining the Millennium Green and traditionally known as ‘Ward’s Field’ (at the rear of St David’s Road and Tudor Rise) is private land. We erected signs to this effect, but these were removed by persons unknown. We politely request that people stick to the two public footpaths, which bi-sect the field. It is not part of The Millennium Green.”

Dog Fouling
We have received complaints about dog fouling again, particularly along Main Street this time. In case residents are not aware dog waste can be collected in a bag and placed in the general rubbish bins which are situated opposite the Green Man, adjacent to the telephone exchange and next to the bus shelter at the top of the hill. So please pick up after your dog there is no excuse not to.

Mobile Library (Tuesday)
Dates of Visits 2015 – 2016

22 December, 12 January, 2 February, 23 February, 15 March & 5 April

Allotment Vacancy
We have one vacant allotment at the moment; please contact the Helen Elliott if you are interested.
The allotment dinner was again well attended with the best kept allotment trophy being presented to Richard Ratcliffe & Catriona Smith We are very grateful to the Green Man for supplying the new trophy.

Best Kept Village Competition
Haunton has been awarded Highly Commended in the competition this year. Is anyone interested in entering Clifton Campville next year please contact Helen Elliott if you are willing to take this on.